A part of the new Aldabra outdoor collection was developed using an environmentally friendly ceramic tile Kerlite, produced by Cotto d’Este, a prestigious Italian manufacturer brand of high-quality porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles.

This coating material is characterised by an elegant linear design available in different finishes. The ultra-thin laminated porcelain stoneware of Cotto d’Este is a unique product, more flexible and more resistant than traditional porcelain stoneware and with great strength, versatility and ease of use. Kerlite slabs are reinforced with fiberglass and meet the design needs of a contemporary architecture. Moreover, thanks to such a short thickness, they have a minimal ecological impact: less raw materials, less consumption of water and energy, lower emissions of carbon dioxide.

Eco-friendly features that we can find also in the lighting fixture made by Aldabra. The high efficiency LED sources together with polymerized resins, employed in the creation of mostly outdoor fixtures, grant an excellent luminous output and full water resistance. This feature of strenght and high technology live together with an elegant design and a comfortable lighting.

Kerlite coating material is available in different collections making the fixtures suitable to be installed in every architectural and landscaping contest granting the maximum versatility in different stylistic contests to designers.