Sur is a seaside town in the North-East of Oman, which in the past had a strong splendor in trade with Asia and the African countries, while today it is a quiet marine place ideal for relaxing and enjoying its kilometer-long beaches, still not very crowded. Very quiet, always kissed by the sun, it is protected day and night by the Royal Oman Police, whose new headquarters is located right in front of the port area, a thriving place for exchanges.

And just inside the “off limits” area, the Clok Tower was built, evoking in some aspects the Arabian style but in a modern reinterpretation. A 30 m high clock tower that has been made truly unique thanks to the project and lighting systems made in Aldabra.

For the lighting of the staircase, a way to the central tower, 6 recessed linear systems, Gola, of 57 cm length have been installed. In anodized aluminium, they allow you to illuminate the steps and create a suggestive atmosphere.

For the lighting from the bottom, instead, there were placed 4 Aton aluminium spots with a warm white light color at 3000k and narrow optics at 10 °, for uniform light beams with a plastic effect. Ideal for light up  monuments façades, they are the optimal solution to ensure that the work can be admired from any distance and in any season. It is impossible to “disturb” the sight of so much beauty.

Moreover, to highlight some architectural parts of the structure, 54 m of Strato have been installed. Strato is a high power system that allows, thanks to the various degrees of the optics used and the “enveloping” color of the LEDs (3000k), to give a touch of light and a completely personalized effect.

Thus Aldabra has succeeded in lighting the time tower for a timeless lighting.

In fact, “time should not be measured in hours and minutes, but in changes.”