Aldabra has presented at Light + Building 2018 a unique wall skirting.

Path is an extra thin luminous way, perfect for internal locations so as the entrance to private house, hallway in a hotel or in an office building or even more in a lounge area of a restaurant. It turns the space very particular with an original feeling of the light.

Either surface mounted or plasterboard recessed, between wall and floor or wall and ceiling, Path creates lines of light, which combine an extraordinary optical effect, as if you would feel “hang up” in the air.

Built in extruded aluminum, available in two basic colors – grey anodized aluminum or basic white – or in different customized painted ones, Path can be fitted in harmony within every architectural style, because “everyone could have its own path in its own aesthetic and decorative touch”.

Functional because easy to install and maintain thanks to its removable front profile, this “lighting way” doesn’t give up to its decorative and design aspect because with a dimable light – which changes from a warm and embracing tone to a cold and minimal one, but always uniform and dotless – it creates like a “blade of light”.

A luminous bundle which is going to warm the setting and create a fantastic visual effect, like lifting up the walls with lightness.

At the following link you can download the technical sheet.