Shanghai amusement park’s stairs lighted by Aldabra

The new amusement park in Shanghai was inaugurated on 16 June 2016. Aldabra team took part in this great project with the installation of the lighting handrail VEGA on the stairways to the park, linking the car park to the main entrance gate. Thanks to VEGA and its LED system designed by Aldabra, it was possible to light efficiently and uniformly the double staircase using 8 continuous lines of fixtures bracketed on wall or bollard in the middle of the steps.

The anodized aluminium handrail, which constitutes the backbone of the system, has been shaped in a special way to follow perfectly the profile of the staircase.

Further customizations were made on site to the customer’s specifications, such as the special “glitter” paint. The great collaboration between the Aldabra team ant the client allowed the realization of this installation, which will give a bright welcome to the millions of people visiting the park.