Like the sticks of the famous Mikado game, the luminous modular elements of SHANGHAI can be composed in endless shapes and compositions, allowing the lighting designer to work three-dimensionally into the space.

SHANGHAI is a patented, innovative indoor LED professional lighting system that gives maximum freedom to lighting designer thus granting the creation of precise lighting scenarios thanks to a wide selection of lenses for indirect or accent lighting.

The innovative invisible electric/mechanical fixing system allows the interconnection of the luminous modular elements in a simple and safe way. Available in lengths of 100-150-200 cm with light emission on one or two sides. It can be delivered with opal diffusive, prismatic anti-glare screen or with series of hybrid optics providing high visual comfort.

SHANGHAI can be installed indifferently for direct or indirect lighting and only one suspension cable is enough for each luminous element. Powered at 24 Vdc, this fixture is protected against reverse polarity. Designed with the latest generation of highly efficient LED (160-180 lm/W), it is available monochromatic (2700 K and 4000 K).