Aldabra, with this project, is going to be cool. It signed the lighting of “The Roof”, the panoramic bar on top of the Public Hotel in New York. In Bowery neighborhood, well known in the past as the heart of the jazz and rock music and nowadays it is one of the area most wanted and cultured of the Big Apple, this Hotel expresses its architectural essence. It was designed by world-renowned, Pritzker Prize award-winning architects, Herzog & de Meuron, for Ian Schrager Company, which created and developed a new hôtellerie concept. In fact, The Public is a new kind of hospitality which goes beyond the “economic” idea of low/high price turning to be friendly, accessible, inviting and approachable.

A  lifestyle place where “The Roof” bar on the Top has been designed as the customers could live a unique and a breath-taking view of the City, mostly exalted by night thanks to the skyscrapers’ lights in contrast with the interiors ones, designed by Aldabra.

Indeed, following the designer’s project and thanks to our “manufacturer’s partner” Lites on West, Aldabra created a sparkling site with a customized and floor linear lighting recessed system EK1 in a royal blue color. It’s really a new way of lighting, which Aldabra is one of the few manufacturers in the world. EK1 is one of the leading products of this year. A resin lighting system with finishes in aluminium and a trimless recessing box which give an elegant and refined touch to the bar without lacking in security and practical needs because of being walkable and water resistant. Moreover, if you have different colors to choose and you decide for a vibrant electric blue, the result is going to be a jaw dropping, a sensation very hard to forget. 80 m of signal leds give brightness and movement to the hotspot in a way that creates intimacy and a “sense of protection” from the racket and the excitement of a city which never sleeps.

Aldabra succeeded in tailoring a lighting system EK1 in a “socialite” bar with a 360° panoramic view of New York City.

Photographs courtesy of The Roof.