Aldabra is the main character of a very important International project. By request of the State of Qatar, the Italian brand designed a unique lighting system not only for the model chosen but also for the dimensions. All the 300 masts on the highway, which connect the center of Doha, Qatar’s main city, to the Hamad International Airport, one of the most important airport of the world with more of 30 mio passengers a year, were lighted with a splendour and eclectic touch, typical of the Arabian countries.

To “follow” people who leave the country or just arrive in this State, Aldabra has  projected a lighting system which could be a perfect mix of technological innovation and resistance to weather changes for a rich and majestic aesthetic result.

The pole of the masts, 28 m high and with an intricate exterior cladding of the lyrics of a Qatari song, were all lighted with Vitro lights. This professional linear lighting has an aluminum profile inserted in a transparent cylindrical polycarbonate sleeve which places the LED. This support is going to be more resistant to weather changes thanks to its resin process.

A joy of colors and fantastic sensations which feel everyone who arrive in this State and they are welcomed by this shimmering lights or leave it and bring with them a luxurious and sparkling memory, Aldabra installed 26 km of Vitro system in RGB colors. An intense chromatic customized highway which gave the opportunity to Aldabra brand to be appreciated all over the world as a symbol of a perfect partner for bespoke in&out lighting projects.

Photographs courtesy of Valmont France.